What People are Saying

“Thank you for providing this good information (in my case your site about using glut with borland nearly saved my life...)”
-- Greets from Austria...

“I just wanted to say thank-you for your efforts in posting your web-page concerning Open GL and Borland C++. I found it to be a straight-forward explanation of both what I needed to get started, and how to do it. For someone such as myself who has little inclination and little time to sift through pages and pages of data to just figure out how to set up something, it was a god-send. Thank-you.”
-- Peter

“I'm a senoir in high school and am currently trying to port my particle physics program to OpenGl for the science fair, and I use Borland 5.02 . It wouldn't work, and the book I was using didn't help at all. Thanks to your page I got it to compile finally with no trouble. Now that "hello world" works, I can finally have some fun. Thanks again for remembering those of use who don't have .Net to make this sort of thing painless.”
-- Andrew

“Hello, After many frustrating hours of trying to get the free Borland compiler to work with openGL, I came across your explanation of how to do it. ("Borland C++ 5.02 OpenGL Programming"). Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your explanation was clear and extremely helpful and I'm up and ready to program to my hearts content.”
-- Gail, a UMass Amherst computer science undergrad who you've saved from the horrible fate of having to pay for a Microsoft C++ IDE

“Thank you for your informative web site about using setting up GLUT with Borland C++Builder. The information was valuable and the page was well written.”
-- Brian

“Just wanted to say thanks for your OpenGL page and Borland. It was the only one that came up and it worked. Thanks a million.”
-- Kyle

“Thanks for a great site - it helped kick my OpenGL going and saved me from about 100 hrs of aggression. Thanks!”
-- Peter

“I just want to say thank you for the information on your web site. It was very helpful in setting up my Borland C++ to work with Glut. It's my first time using Borland C++ and Glut and I didn't know where to go for help. Luckily I found your web site!”
-- Chau

“Hey man, I just wanted to say thanks.. I'd been fighting with this thing for a week trying to get the openGL stuff to work before I found your site. 5 minutes later stuff was compiling error free.. I owe you one.”
-- Roger

“Many many thanx man... I was finding differen sets of libs & headers but none of them worked right, I found some impressive tutorials but I couldnt compile them... and then I found your page and now I can compile anything just fine!”
-- Bk. M.

“Your Borland OpenGL page saved my life. Well, not quite, but it successfully ended a number of hours of pulling out my hair yesterday and today (I'm mostly a unix programmer; I go just long enough between MS projects to forget most of what I painfully learned the previous time out). Funny how it always seems simple once you know what to do... Anyway, just wanted to offer some heartfelt thanks for figuring that out, and writing it up.”
-- Phil

“Awesome page, This is 100 times more helpful than all of that other crap out there!!”
-- Zeus

“First of all I'd like to compliment you on your site. It looks great and has some nice links on it.”
-- Erwin

“Dear sir/madam,
I would like to thank you for your support on installing GLUT, for BC5. I got the infamous "OMF record"-error, and couldn't find anything usefull about it on the net. Your webpage explained it all perfectly to me. Now I am a happy GLUT user...”
-- Chris
The Hague, the Netherlands.

“I did have a go at getting OpenGL and GLUT to work on borland c++ but after fiddling for a bit I gave up. Installing on MAc/IRIX/Unix is simplebut bnorland was proving a hassle so I gave up, NOw I will have a go again.”

“I've been searching all night how to get my Windows 2000 "Internet Connection Sharing" working with my linux box. It's been a difficult evening.... until I came across your Win98 "tutorial", it worked perfectly with 2000 and saved me from going bald prematurely.
A huge thank you!!”
-- David

“I just want to thank you for you web page dealing with setting up linux with windows98se. It was the only place i could find that made it easy.”
-- Matt